About WebBunnies

WebBunnies is a web series that is half animated show, half YouTube mashup and half meme trash. It’s unique mixed media aesthetic is meant to reflect the Frankenstein like horror of it’s setting, which is the inside of the internet. When we created and populated the internet with all of our top ten lists, heated opinions and pictures of nude cats little did we know, as a side affect we created a subterranean microscopic world of barely sentient floating bunny heads imperceptible to us humans. This is their story.

This series is written, voiced, animated and everything elsed by one guy, lord of the bunnies, Chris Haley. “I, Chris Haley, hope that you enjoy this series. That it makes you laugh, makes you think and that together we can grow and build this fascinating and imaginative world. Who knows what wonders and mysteries await us there,” comments Chris Haley as he writes this post.

So, real talk, this project has so many directions to adventure and has only begun to begin. By subscribing to the channel, joining the subreddit or following the Facebook group you are much big time making this project live on to see maturity, and not die, as an innocent helpless infant. Join the communities below to check out WebBunnies and to show your support of not murdering babies:

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Thank you for supporting this small channel and seeing the potential in it. You have disturbing tastes and that means a lot to us.

Leo, Ralph and Skittles